General information
Title CZScherzo [auth.]
Subtitle CZpro klavír
Title ENScherzo [auth.]
Subtitle ENfor piano
Title DEScherzo [auth.]
Subtitle DEfür Klavier
Title FRScherzo [auth.]
Subtitle FRpour piano [auth.]
CategoryWorks for Keyboards
Halbreich number138bis
Parts of the composition (movements)Scherzando
Durata3' 30''
Dedicatee Kubešová, Vlasta
Diplomatic transcription of the dedicationA | Melle | Vlasta Hálková | A ma petite amie, pour souvenir de Paris
Place of compositionParis
Year of origin1924
Initiation of composition1924
Completion of composition10.02.1924
First performance
Date of the first performance19.01.1972
Location of the first performancePolička, Tyl´s house (Tyluv dum)
Autograph deposition
CopyrightSchott Music Panton, Prague
Purchase linkbuy
Panton, Prague, 1993
Call number at the BM Institute: 1082
Specification of the edition: 2nd edition
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