General information
Title CZDvě skladby pro dvě violoncella
Title ENTwo Pieces for Two Violoncellos
Title DEZwei Stücke für zwei Violoncelli
Title FRDeux pièces pour deux violoncelles
CategoryChamber Music
SubcategoryDuos for Other Instruments
Halbreich number377
Parts of the composition (movements)1. Poco allegro; 2. Poco allegretto
Durata1' + 1'
InstrumentsVc Vc
Dedicatee Mohr-Bally, Trauti
Note on the dedicationDedicated to Mrs. Trauti Mohr-Bally.
Place of compositionSchönenberg - Pratteln
Year of origin1959
Initiation of composition03/1959
Completion of composition03/1959
First performance
Autograph deposition
Note on the autograph depostitionAutograph missing. Formerly by Trauti Mohr-Bally.
CopyrightBärenreiter, Kassel
CopyrightBärenreiter, Kassel
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Bärenreiter, Kassel, Kassel, 1959
Call number at the BM Institute: 1302 I-II
Specification of the edition: 1st edition
Details of this edition
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Documents in the Library
Note No. 1 was published in "Violoncello-Schule", Heft I by Susanne Hirzel (Bärenreiter-Verlag, Kassel 1960; B. A. 3741). No. 2 was published in "Violoncello-Schule", Heft II & III (B. A. 3742).
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