General information
Title CZRytiny
Subtitle CZpro orchestr
Title ENEstampes [auth.]
Subtitle ENfor orchestra [auth.]
Title DEKupferstiche
Subtitle DEfür Orchester
Title FREstampes
Subtitle FRpour orchestre
CategoryOrchestral Music
SubcategoryWorks for Large Orchestra
Halbreich number369
Parts of the composition (movements)1. Andante; 2. Adagio; 3. Poco allegro
Durata16' 40''
Dedicatee Whitney, Robert S.
Louisville Orchestra
Diplomatic transcription of the dedicationTo Robert Whitney and the Louisville Orchestra
Note on the dedicationDedication on the first page of the printed score (SMP, 1962).
Place of compositionSchönenberg - Pratteln
Year of origin1958
Initiation of composition15.03.1958
Completion of composition02.04.1958
First performance
Performer Whitney, Robert S.
Date of the first performance04.02.1959
Location of the first performanceLouisville, Kentucky, USA
Ensemble Louisville Orchestra
Louisville Orchestra
Autograph deposition
DepositionNew York, NY
Note on the autograph depostitionReproduction of the autograph score is held by the Library of Congress in Washington.
CopyrightSouthern Music Publishing, New York
CopyrightSouthern Music Publishing, New York
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Southern Music Publishing Co., USA, 1962
Call number at the BM Institute: 1005
Specification of the edition: 1st edition
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