General information
Title CZSonatina pro trubku a klavír
Title ENSonatina for Trumpet and Piano
Title DESonatine für Trompete und Klavier
Title FRSonatine pour trompette et piano
CategoryChamber Music
SubcategoryDuos for Other Instruments
Halbreich number357
Parts of the composition (movements)Allegro moderato
InstrumentsTr Pf
Place of compositionNew York, NY
Year of origin1956
Initiation of composition1956
Completion of composition02.02.1956
First performance
Autograph deposition
Owner of the sourceCentrum Bohuslava Martinů v Poličce
DepositionCentrum Bohuslava Martinů v Poličce
Note on the autograph depostitionReproduction of the autograph score is located in the archive of Éditions Alphonse Leduc in Paris.
CopyrightÉditions Alphonse Leduc, Paris
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Éditions Alphonse Leduc, Paris, 1957
Call number at the BM Institute: 1070
Specification of the edition: Reprint of the 1st edition (1957)
Details of this edition
Supraphon, Prague, 1989
Call number at the BM Institute: 1070a
Details of this edition
References Related writings
Documents in the Library
Note Trumpet in C or in B.
Reprint of the edition by Éditions Alphonse Leduc: Editio Supraphon, Prague 1989.
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