General information
Title CZSmyčcový kvartet č. 6
Title ENString Quartet No. 6
Title DEStreichquartett Nr. 6
Title FRQuatuor à cordes n° 6
CategoryChamber Music
SubcategoryString Quartets
Halbreich number312
Parts of the composition (movements)1. Allegro moderato; 2. Andante; 3. Allegro - Allegro con brio
Durata23' 30''
InstrumentsVl Vl Vla Vc
Dedicatee Barstow, Rosalie
Note on the dedicationDedicated to Rosalie Barstow (according to Martinů's letter to Miloš Šafránek from 19.11.1946).
Place of compositionNew York, NY
Year of origin1946
Initiation of composition10/1946
Completion of composition25.12.1946
First performance
Date of the first performance01.05.1947
Location of the first performanceCambridge, Mass. (USA)
Ensemble Walden Quartet
Walden String Quartet
Autograph deposition
InstitutionBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
OwnerCentrum Bohuslava Martinů v Poličce
Note on the autograph depostitionParts in a copyist's hand also located at the Bohuslav Martinů Centre. *** Reproduction of the autograph score and reproduction of parts in a copyist's hand held by the Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel.
CopyrightBärenreiter Praha
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Orbis, Prague, 1950
Call number at the BM Institute: 1254
Specification of the edition: 1st edition
Details of this edition
Státní nakladatelství krásné literatury, hudby a umění, Prague, 1955
Call number at the BM Institute: 1202
Specification of the edition: Reprint of Orbis 1950 edition
Details of this edition
Editio Bärenreiter Praha, Prague, 2006
Call number at the BM Institute: 1305 a KP, 1305b KP, 1305c KP
Specification of the edition: Pocket score
Details of this edition
Editio Bärenreiter Praha, Prague, 2006
Call number at the BM Institute: 1305a, b, c party
Specification of the edition: Parts
Details of this edition
Bärenreiter Praha, Prague, 2017
Call number at the BM Institute: SV MAR 5
Specification of the edition: Bohuslav Martinů Complete Edition
Details of this edition
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Note Title on the title page of the autograph: "Quartet for Strings | No. 6. | (in-E-minor)"; on the first page of the autograph: "Quartet No. 6 in E minor". *** Further published by SNKLHU, Prague 1955; revised edition by Editio Bärenreiter, Prague 2006 (ed. Aleš Březina a Ivan Štraus).
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