General information
Call number at the BM Institute103/D
Title of the composition String Quartet in E flat major, H 103
Class of the sourceMusical source
Type of the sourceDraft
Closer specification of the typeautograph draft
Author Martinů, Bohuslav
Physical description
Number of leaves14
Number of pages bearing notation28
Total number of pages28
Dimensions (width x height)254x322 mm
Bindingloose double leaves
Paper characteristicsivory
Number and arrangement of staves24; 22
Writing instrumentpencil, blue and red crayon, pen (black ink)
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of the scoreVl Vl Vla Vc
Markings by B. Martinů- dynamics and other notes by blue and red crayon
- repair ancidental and dynamics by pen (black ink)
- 12th, 13th and 14th page strikethrough
Comments- pages wear out, yellowy with spots
- first page burned through
Owner of the sourceMoravské zemské muzeum, Brno
DepositionMoravské zemské muzeum, Brno
Call numberA 40605
Former ownerŠafránek, Miloš
Date of acquisition1976
Date of acquisition (BM Institute)2003

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Quality of digitisationProfessional
Date of digitisation2003
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