General information
OwnerCentrum Bohuslava Martinů v Poličce
Owner‘s call numberfoto0563b - Př. č. 57/2010 - Pořadač1_Stránka_154
BMI call numberfoto0563
Former ownerMihule, Jaroslav
Provenance & date of acquisition (BM Institute)foto0563a: copy from Marie pražanová Papers at Martinů Centre in Polička, 2019; foto0563b: copy from Martinů Centre in Polička, origin of photoalbums př. č. 57/2010 and př č. 58/2010: Both are from Charlotte Martinů's property. Most likely created by Ch. Martinů, but contain a few marking by Bohuslav Martinů. According to M. Mihule these albums were very dear to Ch. Martinů. After her death the albums were given to M. Mihule by Martinů's niece. Mihule and Graham Meville Mason prepared publication of the photographs in England after 1990 but did not finished this project.
Note on the datedate uncertain
Note on the locationaccording to the note at the back side of the photography
DescriptionBohuslav Martinů and his sister Marie Martinů in front of Svojanov castle ruins

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