General information
OwnerCentrum Bohuslava Martinů v Poličce
Owner‘s call numbersign. 9368 Fl; sign. PBM Fbm 47; sign. PBM Fbm 388; sign. PBM Fbm 457
BMI call numberfoto0069
Former ownerMartinů, Charlotte
Provenance & date of acquisition (BM Institute)digitized from CBM, 11/1999-10/2000
AuthorDrtikol, František
DescriptionBohuslav Martinů's portrait.
NoteFoto0069a is a property of Czech Museum of Music, Prague. Postcard Foto0069e with dedication to Věra Střelcová and music quotation on the other side of the postcard is held at Moravské zemské muzeum, Brno.
Photographies foto0069a, foto0069b, foto0069c and foto0069d are almost identical.

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