General information
OwnerCentrum Bohuslava Martinů v Poličce
Owner‘s call numbersign. PBM Fbm 44; sign. PBM Fbm 45; sign. PBM Fbm 46; sign. PBM Fbm 383
BMI call numberfoto0098
Provenance & date of acquisition (BM Institute)digitized from CBM, 11/1999-10/2000
AuthorČihař, Jaromír
DescriptionBohuslav Martinů in a Paris atelier of Jan Zrzavý.
NoteFoto0098a-c are almost identical. They are the cutouts from foto0098e.
Foto0098e is a reproduction from the publication Bohuslav Martinů in Pictures (Prague, 1996).

Preview only available at the Institute.

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