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1956 Bohuslav and Charlotte Martinů, violinist Benno Rabinof and his wife Sylvia. foto0375
1956 Bohuslav Martinů with his friends in Rybka's house in Jamaica. From the left: Mary Carolin, Mrs. Doris S. Rybková, Bohuslav Martinů, Frank Rybka, F. James; Charlotte Martinů and Edward Bishop standing (F. Rybka's son-in-law). foto0376
1950 Marie Martinů with Marie Pražanová. foto0377
1950 Marie Martinů with her brother František. foto0378
1957 Marie Martinů with her brother František. foto0379
1952 Bohuslav Martinů. foto0380
1953 Bohuslav Martinů with jury members on composition competition in Brussels. foto0381
1948 Bohuslav Martinů with Miss Fournier. foto0382
06/1952 Bohuslav and Charlotte Martinů. foto0383
06/1952 Charlotte Martinů with her niece Nicole. foto0384
06/1952 Bohuslav and Charlotte Martinů. foto0385
25.01.1959 Bohuslav Martinů during a German premiere of his opera Juliette. foto0386
1956 Bohuslav Martinů and Willy Reber. foto0387
13.05.1956 Bohuslav Martinů during a concert. foto0388
1938 Bohuslav Martinů. foto0389
1925 Bohuslav Martinů with his mother and sister. foto0390
06/1955 Marie Martinů, unknown man, František Martinů, Jindřiška Martinů. foto0391
16.09.1959 A funeral gathering for the sake of Bohuslav Martinů's death. foto0392
16.09.1959 A funeral gathering for the sake of Bohuslav Martinů's death. foto0393
1954 Rudolf Firkušný and Marta Gerstel on the Cassis beach. foto0394
1954 Rudolf Firkušný, Marta Gerstel, Dagmar and Maud Kundera, Rudolf Kundera and little Natalie Kundera on the Cassis beach. foto0395
1939 Vítězslava Kaprálová, Rudolf Firkušný, Bohuslav and Charlotte Martinů, Jaro Stein, Marie Krausová and Rudolf Kundera in Vieux Moulin. foto0396
1938 Zdeňka Kučerová (later Bulínová), Rudolf Kundera, Rafael Kubelík and Rudolf Firkušný in the ateliere of Rudolf Kundera in Brno. foto0397
1938 Rudolf Kundera and Rafael Kubelík. foto0398
1939 Rudolf Kundera, Bohuslav Martinů and Rudolf Firkušný. foto0399
1990 Marquerite Fournier, Rudolf Firkušný and Rudolf Kundera. foto0400
1953 Bohuslav Martinů with Dagmar Kunderová. foto0401
1920 Bohuslav Martinů. foto0402
1928 The photography in which there are two dancers from the Dance Group of Jarmila Kröschlová sticking the poster is from a performance produced by Jarmila Kröschlová in 1928. On the poster there is the overview of previous season, that means also The Kitchen Revue. foto0403
A portrait of Bohuslav Martinů with French dedication to Boaz Piller. foto0404
1942 Bohuslav Martinů and Emanuel Ondříček on a wharf. foto0405
1942 Bohuslav Martinů, Charlotte Martinů and Emanuel Ondříček standing in front of a house. foto0406
1942 Bohuslav Martinů and Charlotte Martinů with a bird foto0407
1942 Bohuslav Martinů and Charlotte Martinů standing with a bird foto0408
1942 Bohuslav Martinů, Richard Burgin, Charlotte Martinů and Gregorij Piatigorsky with a bird foto0409
1942 Bohuslav Martinů and Richard Burgin (right) seated in a group photo of Berkshire Music Center fellows foto0410
1942 Gregorij Piatigorskij, Ruth Posselt and Bohuslav Martinů foto0411
1952 Bohuslav Martinů foto0412
1952 Bohuslav Martinů with a cigarette foto0413
02.09.1955 Charlotte Martinů, Bohuslav Martinů, Ludmila Bertlová Kubelíková and Miloš Sádlo foto0414
Portrait photography of Bohuslav Martinů foto0415
1950 Bohuslav Martinů and Rosalie Barstow foto0416
Bohuslav Martinů and Roe Barstow foto0417
1963 Rudolf Firkušný, Hortense Anda-Bührle, Ginette Doyen, Pierre Fournier and Charlotte Martinů at Luzern Festival foto0418
Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů foto0419
1922 Bohuslav Martinů with the Czech Philharmony in Italy foto0420
1927 Bohuslav Martinů and Miloš Šafránek in Paris, 1927 foto0421
1970 Miroslav Venhoda and Charlotte Martinů foto0422
1955 Bohuslav Martinů standing by a stage foto0423
Bohuslav Martinů and Louis Kaufman foto0424
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