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SenderSmith, George Henry Lowett
Sender (corporation)Cleveland Orchestra
Sender‘s locationCleveland, Ohio
Send date10. 12. 1943
RecipientHajný, Emanuel Jan
Recipient (corporation)Konzulát ČSR v Clevelandu
Recipient‘s locationCleveland, Ohio
AcquiredCleveland Orchestra Archives, 05/2022
Owner of the sourceCleveland Orchestra
Call number at IBMCO 1943-12-10
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December 10, 1943

Captain E. J. Hajny

Czechoslovak Consulate,

1900 Euclid Avenue,

Cleveland, Ohio.

Dear Captain Hajny:

I asked the Associated Music Publishers in New York if they would be able to make a set of Suk’s “Legend of Dead Heroes.” They reply that they would not be able to undertake the responsibility of copying the parts since the copyright is held by Hudebni in Prague.

It is very difficult and expensive to have parts of large orchestra works made at present even though you, as a representative of the Czech government, should be willing to authorize the copying, so I would suggest that we wait a few months. It is possible that the parts may come through from Prague within the next year.

We are giving the radio premiere of the Martinu Symphony on December 19th, and I hope it will be possible for you to be present in Severance Hall that evening. I am enclosing a ticket that will admit two, and I shall be glad to send more tickets if you need them.




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