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Type of the document Letter
SenderMartinů, Bohuslav
Sender (corporation)
Note on Sender‘s location[Darien, Connecticut]
Send date19.08.1943
RecipientVosburgh, Carl J.
Recipient (corporation)Cleveland Orchestra
Recipient‘s locationCleveland, Ohio
AcquiredCleveland Orchestra Archives, 05/2022
Owner of the sourceCleveland Orchestra
Call number at IBMCO 1943-08-19
Content and physical description
Transcription of the letter

August 19-1943.

Dear Mr. Vosburgh,

Thank you for your lettre [sic], I am very glad to have first performence [sic] of my Symphony N. 2 in Cleveland. I give you also the right to the premiere radio performence [sic] on on[e] of your Sunday broadcast (not later than January 1. 1944.)

I hope it will be possible for me to be present at Cleveland to first performence [sic].



B. Martinů

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Number of pages bearing text1

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Digitized atCleveland Orchestra Archives
Date of digitisation05/2022
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