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SenderMartinů, Bohuslav
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Sender‘s locationDarien, Connecticut
Send date13. 06. 1943
RecipientAron, Paul
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Recipient‘s locationNew York, NY
AcquiredBohuslav Martinů Centre
Owner of the sourceCentrum Bohuslava Martinů v Poličce
Owner‘s call numberPBM Ko 1213
Former call number at IBM31/1
Call number at IBMAroP 1943-06-13
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Sunday 13. June 1943.


Dear Mr Aron,

Today I got your lettre from May 18; I do not know what happened. Thank you very much for the versions, I think the second version is the best and it is the way I would have the piano score. You can make it more difficult in the “Tutti” and very simple in the accompagnement, but “pianislique” not only the extraction from the score. Sometimes it will be very difficult to get the arrangement, but you may sacrifice the sometimes complicated polyphony and keep only the most important voice. My own is very bad, it is so difficult and it doesn’t sound. I [?] would have the piano score in this manner, that can be played also with piano a recital.

I am very happy you would do it. I left the rest of the orchestre score for Mr. Dayton at the consulate.

Very sincerely,


B. Martinu



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