General information
Type of the document Letter
SenderRehm, Wolfgang
Sender (corporation)Bärenreiter, Kassel
Sender‘s locationKassel
Send date14.12.1977
RecipientMartinů, Charlotte
Recipient (corporation)
Recipient‘s locationVieux-Moulin
Acquiredcopy from the NBM archive, folder 11.
Owner of the sourceNadace Bohuslava Martinů
Call number at IBMBÄR 1977-12-14
Content and physical description
ContentInforms ChM about a subcontract with Supraphone, which allows to provide the three works, which have been published under Bärenreiter Kassel, in the COMECON states: PIANO CONCERTO No. 4, H 358, RHAPSODY, H 171 and RHAPSODY-CONCERTO, H 337. Askes Mrs Martinů for her approval and message.
Total number of leaves1 + 1
Number of pages bearing text1 + 1
Notewritten on Bärenreiter Kassel letterhead.
Fixationtypescript, handwritten signature
Attachmentstranslation of the letter to french, autor not known
Location as subject
Person as subject
Corporation as subject
Composition as subject
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