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SenderMartinů, Bohuslav
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Send date23.12.1939
RecipientDeutsch, Pavel
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Acquiredcopy from Gregory Dayton-Mohl, 2013
Owner of the source- Soukromý vlastník, Private owner
Call number at IBMDeu 1939-12-23
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ContentBohuslav Martinů tried to get the FIELD MASS to Prague but he is not sure it arrived. For a long time now he has been planning to compose a cycle of compositions titled „Prague Concertos“ after Bach’s model. Together with [Hugo] Haas, he is planning to put on short scenes with music for the soldiers – a sort of itinerant theatre company. Also a film composed of Czech music is planned. Tomorrow PTT radio is broadcasting a program of Martinů „trifles“ [?] performed by Rudolf Firkušný and an orchestral work by Vítězslava Kaprálová. Ansermet will perform Martinů’s RICERCARI, but BM doesn’t know when, the DOUBLE CONCERTO will be premiered at the beginning of February in Basel, BM might go there with his wife. Does Pavel Deutsch know Martinů’s SONATA FOR FLUTE, VIOLIN AND PIANO? There is an interest in Martinů’s works, were it not for the war, he would be played all over the world. BM has some money in Czechoslovakia, that he will not be able to get out of the country, could PD somehow manage to transport the money out? Does PD know someone who could rent Martinů a flat in Paris? His current flat is badly situated and not representative, since now BM is supposed to officially represent.
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