General information
Type of the document Letter
SenderBean, Betty
Sender (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, New York
Sender‘s locationNew York, NY
Send date20.01.1949
RecipientMartinů, Bohuslav
Recipient (corporation)
Recipient‘s locationNew York, NY
Call number at IBMBH 1949-01-20a
Content and physical description
ContentBetty Bean informs Bohuslav Martinů that the brochure about him and his work will be published as soon as she has clarified a few details with him. She asks BM to answer the several questions below in the space provided. She also asks him to update the leaflet he had given her previously. This leaflet, updated to include BM’s activities over the past 9 years, should be returned immediately. BM should write to Melantrich and ask whether there is available a set of materials on the CONCERTO FOR VIOLIN AND ORCHESTRA [No. 2] and should go through his materials to try and find the string parts. She will contact him once the materials are returned from Rochester so that he can check them. BB asks about the right name of SINFONIETTA GIOCOSA and about the duration and configuration of CONCERTOS FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA NOS. 2 and 3 and the MEMORIAL TO LIDICE. She would like to know the duration of the CONCERTO DA CAMERA FOR VIOLIN, STRING ORCHESTRA ..., the CONCERTO FOR HARPSICHORD AND SMALL ORCHESTRA and the DOUBLE CONCERTO, the correct title of the “OBOE QUARTET” [QUARTET FOR OBOE, VIOLIN, CELLO AND PIANO] and its duration, as well as the duration of STRING QUARTET NO. 7 (CONCERTO DA CAMERA). BB encloses a typed copy [of the leaflet?], which BM should check.
Total number of leaves2
Number of pages bearing text3
NoteLetter is written on Boosey & Hawkes, New York letterhead. On the second side of the second leaf there is a handwritten inscription (BM?): "1) Violon concert | 2) Comment vous arrangez le | matériel Juliett | Hlasy!!"
FixationTypescript, handwritten signature (Bean) and inscriptions (Martinů and another hand)
MarkingsInscribed information about orchestration, titles and duration of compositions - B. Martinů, unidentified hand (Ch. Martinů?)
AttachmentsThe letter was enclosed to a letter Bean-Ralph Hawkes from 24.01.1949, ID 4024.

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Quality of digitisationNot professional black-and-white
Digitized atBohuslav Martinů Institute
Note on digitisationScan of the paper copy
Location as subject
Rochester, New York
Corporation as subject
Composition as subject
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