General information
Type of the document Varia
SenderStein, Erwin
Sender (corporation)Universal Edition
Note on Sender‘s location[?]
Send date11.01.1927
Recipient (corporation)
Acquiredan archive of Universal Edition, Vienna
Former call number at IBM52/10
Call number at IBMUE 1927-01-11
Content and physical description
Content“Par T.S.F.” [the original title of the THREE CZECH DANCES]
A review of the work: Buoyant, ebullient pieces. It would appear that the composer originally intended them for the entire orchestra – for instance, the cadence of Obkročák (pp. 8-9) sounds as though intended for solo violin, places as if from the piano score on p. 13 above.
Total number of leaves1
Number of pages bearing text1
Fixationhandwriting, signature
Composition as subject
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